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Concert Bookings

Please contact the Choir Secretary if you would like to book Holman-Climax Male Voice Choir for a Concert.

Please note that the Holman-Climax Male Voice Choir plan the vast majority of their Concerts at least a year in advance and therefore as much notice as possible is required for the Choir to decide whether it is able to accept a booking.

Some of the questions and points the Choir will ask and consider when deciding whether to accept new bookings include:

  • Suitability of venue e.g. acoustics, access, parking etc.
  • Size of likely audience – the bigger the audience the better the Choir performs.
  • Soloist(s) & Compère – will these be provided by the venue or will the Choir be asked to provide.
  • Publicity – how is the Concert going to be advertised?
  • Other plans e.g. if we are entering a Festival we are unlikely to accept a booking around the same time.
  • Availability of the Musical Team and Choir members

It is therefore vitally important that you contact the Secretary as soon as possible to discuss your requirements

(Please note that the Choir does not accept bookings for weddings, funerals and other similar private events as we reserve these for our members and those closely associated with the choir.)