The Reason Why
The Climax Male Voice Choir are joined by Camborne Town Band and the magnificent voice of Alan Opie from Redruth.


  1. Dinah Blow Your Horn
  2. The Sweet Nightingale
  3. Camborne Hill
  4. Salutation
  5. The White Rose
  6. Let The Lower Lights
  7. Hark The Glad Sound
  8. The Floral Dance
  9. The Old Grey Duck
  10. The Blackbird Song
  11. The Oggie Song
  12. Hail To The Homeland
  13. Little Lize
  14. The Star Of Bethlehem
  15. Great Soul
  16. Behold
  17. The Old Apple Tree
  18. Trelawny

Additional Information

Label: Sentinel Records
Reference: SENS1020
Release Format: LP & MC
Musical Director: George Smith
Notes: Re-released by New Sentinel on CD