As autumn approaches, Holman-Climax Choir are preparing two more of their popular “Community Evenings” and this year they promise to be rather special, looking at music spanning the last hundred years with two separate, and very different, shows.

The first evening, on Friday 3rd October 2014, takes the audience back to the time of the Music Hall and invites you to join with some of the songs of the period – “Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do”, Where did you get that hat?”, “You are my honeysuckle” and so on.  If you feel so inclined, please come dressed to fit the period and bring your singing voice!

The mood of the music hall is maintained until we see the great changes happening in Europe that led to the Great War and the music for the rest of the evening reflects the entry into the conflict, with the clear expectation that it would all be over by Christmas, followed by the grim reality of what followed.  Sing along with the songs that kept some sort of hope alive for the men in the trenches and then join in an affirmation of the utter waste and futility of conflict and a remembrance the loss of lives on all sides, military and innocent civilians – something that will be reflected in appropriate music by the choir.

The second evening on Friday 17th October 2014,  will look at the totally new society that emerged after that conflict and will have as a focus, the way in which dance music reflected that change and the popular songs of the period.  There will be demonstrations by professional dancers from Gemini Dance Studios and a surprise offering from within the choir.  Our special guests will be the Cornwall Boys’ Choir.

The evenings will have the usual ingredients, free entry, audience participation, and the ever popular pasties in the interval.  The evenings will be at Camborne International Academy but please note the change of hall.  Please also note that although the pasties will be there as usual, it may not be possible this time to provide liquid refreshment so a bottle of water in the pocket might be  an option! Both evenings will be in the school Sport’s Hall as the usual hall is being refurbished.  This will be accessed by entering the first gate of the school and driving/walking to the rear of the school.  This is a temporary measure and future events will hopefully be in the usual venue

As usual, booking is essential either by phone to David Oates on 01209 716559 or by e-mail to

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