On Saturday night the Holman-Climax Male Voice Choir held its Annual Dinner at the Old Shire Inn just outside Camborne. In attendance were Choir members past and present and our family and friends, in total well over over 90! The event was so popular that the Choir had to stop accepting bookings early last week.

After the meal those present were treated to entertainment organized by Bob Johnson who amidst telling  humorous tales sang the tale of the “Gas Man Cometh” by Flanders and Swann. The entertainment featured monologues from Malcolm Carveth, wonderful improvisations on the Piano from Alison Jane and  Ivan Barnes singing a John Denver classic and then regaling the gathered audience with Marriott Edgar’s “The Lion and Albert” which was made popular by Stanley Holloway. Musical accompaniment provided throughout, where necessary by our Musical Director Angela Renshaw.

The evening was enjoyed by all and we are already looking forward to next year.